National Goat Event 2018

In September 2018 the second edition of the National Goat Event will take place in Zwolle, the Netherlands. In one large hall the Event will offer news, practical tips, ideas and novelties for professionals and goat fans. The National Goat Event comprises the Great National Goatbreedshow, an Exhibition, a Symposium and a Farmers Market with tastings.

National Breedshow

For more than 10 years the Foundation of the National Goat Breedshow ( organizes the annual Great National Breedshow. Typical Dutch goat breeds will be shown, like the Dutch White goat, Toggenburger goat, Bonte goat (spotted goats), Nubian goat and Dutch Boer goat. The Toggenburger goat and the Bonte goat are rare Dutch animal breeds. The Dutch Boer goat is a meat breed, the other breeds are mainly dairy breeds. Also registered dairy goats, kept on goat farms, are tested.
For every breed a champion lamb and a champion adult goat is elected. In the finale the national champion of the day, both lamb and adult goat, is honored.
Breeds like the Dutch Landgeit and Angora geit (kept for wool) will be present.


The Expo is an informational exhibition in a relaxed atmosphere, where about 50 exhibitors show their products, services and knowledge. For example, there will be feed for goats, milking machines, feeding machines, employment services and powdered milk for the young lambs. The exhibition focuses on the professional goat farmers, but also provides information for hobby-goat keepers and interested goat fans.
Exhibitors gain information by

Frank de Vries – +31 (0)317 465 682 –


The Dutch Dairy Goat Association organizes a symposium for professional goat farmers and people working in the goat industry. There are several workshops that will provide you some interesting perspectives on the dairy goat husbandry.

Practical information

Location: IJsselhallen Zwolle
Address: Rieteweg 4, 8011 AB Zwolle, Netherlands
Time: Saturday, September 29th